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   VIDEO Review: Nature’s Own Oatmeal Toasters, Cinnamon Raisin THE VERDICT: Taste: 2/6 ..............I fell asleep...while this was in my mouth. Appearance: 2/6........Kind of small, looks like a Pop Tart wannabe. Convenience: 4/6........... No prep time required, but it will just taste like mushy bread. Health: 4/6......Some fiber and whole grain. OVERALL RATING: 3/6..... If you are like me all you will want to do is bathe this thing in brown sugar and butter. It is pretty lame on its own.  
       ABOUT 6PST I love sweets... and that I fit into size 0 pants.  My site is dedicated to helping my fellow dessert junkies indulge while looking hot. My site includes workout and eating strategies, sweet food reviews, and low cal/healthy baking recipes. Now you can have your cake and keep your abs!  My theme will be finding low calorie, high fiber, whole grain, and high protein sweets that taste good and leave you satisfied, while minimizing your gym time and maximizing a lean and toned bod. Now you can eat cake and look great!
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